Rise of Legends is a real-time strategy game for the Windows PC platform, made by Big Huge Games and first published by Microsoft on the 9th of May 2006 in North America.

It is a spin off of the game Rise of Nations, released in May 2003. However, rather than being a historical game, it takes place in the fantasy world of Aio, where technology and magic coexist. Obviously, not many player expecting a Rise of Nations 2 were as happy about this game.

Rise of Legends was released on May 9, 2006 in North America and on various dates around May 26, 2006 in the rest of the world.

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Tribes Edit

In RoN: Rise of Legends, the in-game factions are referred to by the files as 'Tribes' and will be treated as such, there are three Tribes within Rise of Legends: Vinci, Alin, and Cuotl, on the back of the box cover, each is read as such.

"Vinci: The age of magic is over. You have harnessed the might of technology and revel in its power. Steel and steam are at your command. Your ingenuity will forge them into the supreme force of the future."

"Alin: You master a mysterious force far beyond the limits of mind and metal. Your spirit burns with the incandescent magic of your ancestors, a power that endures like the sands of the timeless desert."

"Cuotl: Mere mortals cannot fathom your godlike powers and your sacred mission. You know no mercy. You fear no enemy. You recognize no dominion. Your divine destiny is to create - and destroy."

You can click on each of the names highlighted to find out more about them go ahead, check them out.

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